Spinal Discomfort And Treatments

In a human body the most common problems are a fever, a common cold or sometimes a stomach upset. People with such problems generally do not visit a doctor but get some common medicines from a nearby pharmacy. But what if you have an acute back pain or pain somewhere in the spinal cord? Can you treat it with just medicines given by a pharmacist? No, in fact trying to treat any problem through self-medication is itself not correct and when it comes to major parts of the body like the spinal cord it is to be completed avoided. The causes and reasons for this acute problem might be anything which only a professional would be able to diagnose and hence consulting a doctor in such cases becomes essential. But before getting to know about what the type of treatments are for a spinal injury, it is important to first know what a spinal cord injury is and what the causes are for it.

A spinal cord injury happens when a person is heavily hit in the spinal cord. A hard blow on this part of the body would result in the drastic movements in the regular arrangement of the bones, muscles and discs in the spinal cord resulting in swelling, internal bleeding and sometimes fractures. Any of these can be the reason for acute pain in that area. You will be able to understand the severity of the trouble with the symptoms. If the pain is manageable and vanishes in just a few hours, understand that it is the regular lower back pain which is very common in the working lot since they are glued to their seats for long straining the backbone for a long time.

If the pain persists for more than a day making your regular movements difficult, then it is the time to visit a doctor without a delay.

Spinal cord starts from the end of the brain and runs till the end of the spine. A pain in any point of this pathway may cause a major problem. Generally a catch or a gastric problem is what most people experience and the pain or discomfort in such situations might not last beyond 2 days. In such situations, the person will be able to move and go on with his regular walking and standing but at a slower pace than normal. But if you have a problem where you have become immobile completely and even a small move causes unbearable pain, understand that there is some serious issue with the spinal cord and it needs a doctor`s assistance.

A pain at the back generally happens after a heavy workout or some heavy lifting. Such pain is very common and only when it exceeds a limit would it be a fracture or a muscle tear. Some of the other symptoms that might detail that your regular back pain is about to take a back belt support


Loss of bowel or bladder control

Pain while urinating and coughing

Weakness in legs or arms

These are some of the serious warning signs that denote you that your spinal cord requires a consultation and that too an immediate one.

Back pain culprits

Have you ever imagined as to how and what could be the root cause for such back pain problems in working people? It is nothing but their profession itself. Many people are involved in jobs that involve lifting, dragging, pulling or pushing. Understand that when you do a particular work, your full body is put under pressure and for specific jobs, a particular part works more. Take for example, your job includes lifting of heavy materials. In such a case you are required to bend a lot of times for lifting the contents and the part that gets strained the maximum here is the back and the supporting spinal cord. When you do a heavy or sudden bend at times, the spine is tensed and hence results in acute pain. This when goes unnoticed for a long time might lead to severe problems. Also understand that there might be a small fracture or a tear in the spine that is causing you this pain. So in any case, if the pain and the problem persist for a long duration, it is a sign saying that a doctor visit is a must.



Loss of bowel or bladder control

These are some of the serious warning signs that denote you that your spinal cord requires a consultation and that too an immediate one.

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It is very important to understand that spinal cord is a very delicate part which is made up of small bones, soft muscles and slimy fluids. With so much of intricacies, it is trying to help us in our regular bending, walking and running.

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Spinal Discomfort And Treatments

All the parts of the spine are designed and created to hold only to an extent which when exceeds causes damages. A spinal cord injury generally happens when there is a heavy fall or blow on it. This results in the breaking of these bones sometimes which when goes unnoticed might get accumulated, affect the blood flow, gather the blocked blood and fluid at one place resulting in swelling and finally results in acute pain. In such cases a professional physician, who is legally certified to work in this particular area would be the right person to treat it.

  • Back pain culprits
  • Weakness in legs
  • Pain while urinating and coughing
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
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